Charles Booker, Kentucky, U.S. Senate

Former Kentucky state legislator Charles Booker, who narrowly lost to Amy McGrath in the 2020 Democratic primary for Mitch McConnell’s seat, is running again, this time for Rand Paul’s Senate seat. Booker has already gone head to head with the Republican incumbent over mask mandates after Paul was suspended from YouTube for spreading anti-mask rhetoric.

During the 2020 primary campaign, Booker said his campaign went “from the hood to the holler,” touting his ability to bridge communities across racial and class lines. He’s netted 2022 endorsements from high-profile Democrats like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“My priorities are how do we ultimately transform our future so that poverty is a thing of the past? How do we make sure that everyone can live a gainful life, can have more money in their pocket, have food on their table, have quality health care, good-paying union jobs, and just be okay?” Booker told the Owensboro Times during a campaign stop.

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