Jessica Cisneros (D), Texas, U.S. House

Texas immigration and human rights attorney Jessica Cisneros is launching a rematch against her old boss, Rep. Henry Cuellar, in the Democratic primary for Texas’s 28th congressional district, which stretches from San Antonio to the U.S.-Mexico border.

In her original 2020 campaign, which she lost by a 3% margin, Cisneros knocked incumbent Cuellar for consistently voting with Trump’s agenda.

“I feel like a lot of South Texans were left with hope [from our first run] because we asked them to envision something that was almost impossible — or what people said was impossible,” Cisneros told the Texas Tribune.

Cisneros is endorsed by Justice Democrats, the group that helped bring progressives like AOC to power. Cisernos’s campaign hopes to join that wing of Congress, with a platform to reform the immigration system and secure reproductive rights. Cisneros recently wrote for Teen Vogue connecting her opposition to Texas’s new abortion bans to her broader support for Medicare for All, referencing her own experiences crossing the border to access affordable health care.

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